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>> newman's own foundation, pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kohler foundation -- kovler , charles shaw, and union bank. -- we offer expertise and tailored lucian for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you.
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>> when i was pregnant i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust about how to take care of me and my baby. united health care has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get care and guidance they can use, before and after the baby is born. simple is what i need right now. >> that is health in numbers. united health care. >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. iraq's government asked for u.s. whostrikes against militant spent the day trying to capture iraq's biggest oil refinery. could afghanistan follow in a rack's footstep -- iraq paths
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with the. iraq's footsteps? the reigning champions are not out of the world cup. out of the world cup. ♪ welcome to our viewers. the iraqi prime minister has made a formal request to the u.s. to launch airstrikes against the sunni militant who have taken the troll of wide areas of northern iraq. at the white house president obama met with congressional leaders to discuss the situation. the militants known as isis spent the day trying to battle for the biggest oil refinery.
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>> imam hussein is one of the forest laces for -- places shia muslims. so much they said they would come in to defend it against isis. to isis each one of these is a heretic. s. they are extremist they slaughter civilians. they raped women. >> they could be getting disturbingly close to civil war. the chief administrator has never given an interview before,
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but he decided to the gout. he even put his fears into english. this danger could spread. if we don't stop it right now it would spread to neighboring would written piece in the entire region. >> there is no doubt at all about the official line coming out of the heart. nearoliticians and the clerics are determined if possible to keep iraq together as a nation. the problem is will the flood of shiite volunteers make a civil war more likely? >> these are the isis fighters volunteers will be facing. the
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pictures are set to show them oilring iraq's largest refinery, showing off the military equipment a have an capturing. attacked today as these pictures intend to show. local people say isis ill controls most of it. cut in oil supplies will create big problems in iraq. iraq's shiite prime minister nouri al-maliki is often accused of sidelining the sunni population said defensively not every setback was a defeat. who start the fire are burned by the fire, he said. now he is asking the americans to come in and bomb isis. ordinaryst few days shiites have been volunteering
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in the numbers to help the regular army fight isis. their enthusiasm and commitment has achieved a lot. i met a couple of brothers who volunteered and are waiting to be sent to fight. he says even if his children are raised as orphans, they will be proud of them. iran sentlike to see troops in? >> no, we don't need iran or any other country. we don't want to rely on strangers. everyone here seems nervous now unless the enthusiasm of volunteers combined with american bombing can stop isis in its track this could turn into a war.
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iraq could fall apart, and the region would he in trouble. for more on the crisis, i spoke with the man who formerly served as the deputy ambassador to the united nations. iraq's government has formally made a request. if they were -- a request for airstrikes. if they were feasible, would they change anything? >> i fear not. i favor airstrikes, but as part of a larger strategy of dealing with them, which is to say there has to be a political bargain included in the strategy, i think airstrikes by themselves are unlikely to be efficacious, and that's probably where the american administration is as well. >> do you have a fear the
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country is falling apart as to is falling apart? >> i do. it appears the advance of the they cany has docked. make a lot of trouble without actually seizing the city. whaley don't think they will make much headway into the capital and south -- while i don't think they will make much headway to the south aiken still make life unpleasant for iraqis. i fear that the month the flames of sectarianism are being fanned. tothe americans were able negotiate deals. why can't iraq to the same? >> i think earl petraeus and ambassador crocker understood that's an important part of the strategy of dealing with the insurgents the.
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i am not certain even at this late date the current leadership is convinced it's a necessary refugee. -- strategy. strategyhink military is necessary i don't think it sufficient. we don't have the luxury of saying we will deal with the threat in the months ahead. he may not have month's for the unity of the country. exit sound like you are saying iraq needs a new government. >> i do. i think we need something along the lines of a government of national salvation. people are talking about national unity. aere is a provision for government with extraordinary
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powers under the supervision of parliament. i stress those words. i think we have reached that point. it's a very dire situation in my opinion. >> do you have any hope for the future? wax as they say, i am a recovering diplomat. hope.ats always have my hope is the iraqi elliptical class rises to the challenge. there has been far too much over personal the issues are far greater than that. the stakes are much higher. the risks are much higher. they need to rise to the challenge. >> the mounting crisis in iraq has focused minds on the situation in afghanistan. u.s. combat troops are due to withdrawal by the end of this
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year. ?ould history repeat it self never says the outgoing afghan president hamid karzai. picking to our chief international correspondent. >> every morning president karzai walks to the office with bodyguards and armored vehicles. he lives and works in this for tech and palace. -- protected palace. he rarely leaves the fortress. men in his security cabinet have worked alongside nato a decade. more than for combat troops are pulling out. there is concern al qaeda linked groups could make a comeback. bag asking ifgroups are what happened in iraq could happen in dan. ask yes, we do need
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international support. we don't have the means to sustain ourselves. that is welcome. for that the are grateful. of the country. >> this government refused to take up the offer of a strategic pact with the united date which would have meant a long-term military presence in the country. the two men vying to be the next president have said he will sign a deal. that could help afghanistan avoid some of the worst of what is happening in iraq. for years many doubted there would be a peaceful transition of our. now they check letters to foreign leaders including this one to david cameron. >> what are you going to say? him and theank british people for the help they
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have given to afghanistan. >> you said nato forces have done nothing for afghanistan. that includes the dish forces. >> the war -- includes forces. >> the war on terror was not to be fought on afghan soil. the real war on terror was beyond our borders. david cameron has been a good friend and a real english gentleman. >> is the president walks home, his aides discuss how insurgent chopped off the fingers of 11 afghans who voted in last week's elections. what is happening in this asks.y, he as hamid karzai prepares to move
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out of this palace with his young family, his country moves toward an on certain future without the piece he and his allies promised when they came to power. >> what next for and? ukraine's new president petro poroshenko says he is learning -- planning a cease higher in the east of the country. mr. poroshenko said his plan would allow pro-russian insurgent to lay down their arms or leave the country. there has in a sharp increase in the number of people who died i --the outbreak of people of evil i -- e. bola. this compares to 347 deaths in the past three months. the international chemical weapons
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watchdog says cory gass has been used in a systematic manner in syria. investigators have released a toort after their visit syria. both rebels and the syrian government have been eyed -- have denied using lorene canisters. lorene -- chlorine canisters. the king of spain is handing the reins to his son. >> the spanish national anthem at a time of transition. the last act for a man on the dennis thrown for nearly 40 years. emergento oversaw the from dictatorship to democracy. the prime minister signed.
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brief applause and a long rain has them to an end. is timelos has said it for a new generation to take over. the historic royal palace will .oon welcome the new king after he has been sworn in a morning. there will be no coronation, no foreign dignitaries or royalty have an invited. it's all deliberately low-key. this is the new king, 46 years old, meeting former prime minister's on the day before a ending the throne. the royal family has been hit a scandal in the last few years, the country crisis. by economic felipe they will have to try to rehabilitate the image of the and to tos a unifying
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sin. -- the newe u.k. king will be able to fulfill this role and again, the idea they will be able to keep together the different nations that make up the spanish state. i think that the key role for him to try to play. >> there is a vocal and said d'angelo minority -- substantial minority who want a referendum. challenging times, and it cannot the business as usual for felipe e. most people are determined to give him a new chance. wax spain was knocked out of the world cup. the defending champion lost their second game in a row against chile by a score of 2-0.
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australia got their second victory of the tournament, ensuring they would advance. still to come, they work here in secret to break the german codes during world war ii. location is open for visitors. the french government is locked in of it or confrontation -- a bitter confrontation with railroad workers in a national strike. transport has been delayed across the country. this comes as a blow for francois hollande. his approval rate has dropped. workers battling riot police in front of the
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french parliament. it began as a one-day strike. amidved to a second week hreats they will extend it. >> the president can say what he likes. eventually he will back down. he always do. packed withins were eary and angry commuters. >> i pay them $150 a month. stop. got to dock. -- >> of the battle of will between an unpopular government and the there is very little sympathy for public-sector workers, least of all the train drivers, many of whom will retire at the age of nifty. is 40 billion euros
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in the red. that is rising. they are. and for workers to come back. the strike has cost 100 million euros already. it benefits no one. france is no stranger to write. every so often -- two strikes. one works.en >> amazon. it's the online fight that has -- online site that has expended to selling just about everything. now you can add a smartphone to the list. can it really bite into the market share already enjoyed by apple and samsung? i
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am joined by dan. what does the phone do? >> amazon took a fairly standard phone. a ton of different features to really try to make it stand out and throwing everything but the kitchen inc. in. -- kitchen sink in. take anything and basically look it up online. if you take a photo of a product they can find that. they try to make a transparent interface between real life and online life. get thehe main way to ball to buy things. at -- get people to buy things. shopaholics.t >> there is a new camera that will give you a 3-d view of
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things. it will shift the image as you shift the phone. it's a little bit of a gimmick. it something nobody else does. >> the smartphone world is uber competitive. why does amazon want in? wax amazon already makes them hardware device is. like google you have to have hardware and software and services. i think they want to have a direct connection to shoppers thing between you and your purchases is going on the website. if they can have their own you do device that lets that easier and is connected to your credit card you can have on click shopping from anywhere. >> sounds terrifying. is this phone going to eat into apple's lead in the smart phone market? rumorsre were tons of
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about what it is going to have. at the end of the day at it's nothingtandard phone you couldn't possibly point to a more popular phone and a price that is pretty much the same as anything else. they all cost around $200. this doesn't look and feel quite as nice as those. >> what can be next for the smartphone? life we're at the plateau. they cannot get much thinner without killing the battery we have plateaued.
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>> thanks for joining us. from cutting-edge technology to the secret work of code rakers in world war ii, they help shorten the conflict, but over the years it fell into disrepair and has been restored. our security correspondent reports. there is flash photography. >> a royal visit but also a trip into her family history. the codebreakers. twins sisters who work together. for decades their work was kept secret. that meant some of the hot were left to decay.
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were in. rubbish lying everywhere. a major renovation project could begin. these have been completely transformed over the years. ae aim is to give visitors real feel for what it would be like to be a code breaker during the second world war. there is some new technology as well. >> we have tried everything to make it authentic. >> given the videos of people in period costumes. we have veterans. many walked through and have been taken through how it has been.
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>> the duchess of cambridge is getting a chance to step into the past and learn what role her relatives laid in one of the most important and secret wartime triumphs. >> my grandfather worked there. thanks for watching. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, united health care, and union bank. and charles schwab.
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commitment and when you can't live up to them you own up and make it right. some people think accountability has gone missing in the places where it's needed most. i know you will still find it when you know where to look.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: sunni insurgents in iraq pressed ahead today with an assault on the country's biggest oil refinery. we join the debate over what the u.s. should do, with democratic senator tim kaine and republican senator john mccain. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. also ahead this wednesday, general motors c.e.o. mary barra faces tough questions from lawmakers over deadly defects, on the heels of the company's most recent major recall. >> woodruff: and it's some people's worst fear, getting bitten by a poisonous snake. about 100,000 people around the world die from them every year. >> venomous snakes attack more

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